Day in and day out the Ghanaian youth is seen as a symbol of incompetent and incapable.why? because we have the notion that Ghanaian youths are very lazy. One fundamental question we should ask when people begin to raise such an insensitive notion is, what system have we put in place to make such the youths detonate their capabilities? Or play their role in building a sustainable economy and the country at large. Inspite of all these stereotype and misconceptions about the youths in this country, we have seen a lot of them excelling in their leadership position in most government and private institutions.
The underlining factor is our education which suppose to be the sustainable tool or the avenue has been reduce to the contest of just passing examination with no practical approach.
We always hear our leaders say we are the future of this country which at a time in point I found it hard to believe. Now the question is when is the future? The future is now and everything attest to the fact that Ghanaian youths are capable of redefining and managing their own affairs if given the opportunity or when we put better systems in place.

Dear Ghanaian youth never place any limitation on yourself because of what has been circulating in the media space or some parliamentarians have been saying. But rather radiate that spirit of optimism. Start the business, make that bold step, persue that dream and believe that with determination, desire, derive, dedication, discipline and hardworking you will get there. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes because it is part of our existence and you can’t run away from it when you say yes to life. “YOU ARE CAPABLE”

Local PUSAG President
KAAF University College

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