BSc. Construction Technology


The purpose of the establishment of such Programme in the institution was to help produce more Construction Technologist of sound technical background who will help plan, design, construct and maintain infrastructural development projects necessary for all developing countries where shelter and socio-economic needs are paramount to the needs of the people.

The University College has combined academic studies with field practical training over the years. It has produced graduates who are practical-oriented with academic excellence and has engaged in teaching and research with a lot of emphasis on extension work. Graduates have been prepared to establish careers in their chosen areas of specialization and through its problem-based teaching and extension services, trained practitioners who are prepared to go to the field and dirty their hands and therefore applying theory to practice.

The aim of the programme is to equip students with the necessary theoretical base and practical skills in cost and the management of construction projects; and to train and produce graduates with sound understanding of the principles of modern construction practices and capable of meeting the challenging needs of development projects.

Candidates applying to the programme must meet the following entry requirements:

WASSCE I SSCE Candidates – Relevant subjects include:  Chemistry. Physics and Elective Mathematics: OR Geography and Elective Mathematics OR Technical Drawing, Construction and Elective Mathemtics. 

HND Holders: Applicants must be a graduate in Building Technology or Building Construction.

CTC I,II & III: Applicants  would be considered for the top-up programme.

Ghanaian Students
Programme Freshers GH¢ Continuing GH¢
Regular 3,400 3,400
Top-Tup 3,400 3,400
Foreign Students
Programme Freshers USD $ Continuing USD $
Regular 1,730 1,730
Top-Tup 1,730 1,7300


Course Code

Course Title

COT 151

Materials and Construction I                   

COT 153

Strength of Materials I

KAF 111

Introduction to Sociology

GEO 151

Principles of Land Surveying

COT 159

Graphic Communication I

COT 161

Mathematics for Construction

COT 163

Laboratory and Workshop Practice I

KAF 109

Communication Skills I

KAF 105

Introduction to Information Technology


Course Code

Course Title

COT 152

Materials and Construction II                   

COT 154

Introduction to Theory of Structures

COT 156

Introduction to Construction Economics

COT 158

Introduction to Environmental Science

GEO 152

Engineering Surveying

COT 160

Graphic Communication II

COT 164

Construction Science

KAF 114

Communication Skills II

CIV 164

Civil Engineering Drawing (Elective)


Course Code

Course Title

COT 251

Soils and Foundations System                   

COT 253

Strength of Materials II

COT 255

Building Services I

COT 257

Tender and Contract Documentation

COT 259

Site Organization and Procedure

COT 261

Human Resource Manpower Management

COT 263

Construction Equipment Management

LRW 251

Logic and Report Writing


Course Code

Course Title

COT 252

Timber Construction                 

COT 254

Theory and Design of Structures I

COT 256

Building Services II

COT 258

Measurement of Construction Works I

PNL 252

Principles of Law

COT 260

Marketing of Construction Products

COT 262

Construction Management I

COT 264

Laboratory and Workshop Practice II

COT 266

Introduction to Accounting

KAF 103

French for Communication I (Elective)


Course Code

Course Title

COT 351

Concrete Systems

COT 353

Theory and Design of Structures II

COT 355

Construction Commerce and Procurement

COT 357

Productivity Measurement and Financial Management

COT 359

Contract Law and Arbitration

COT 361

Measurement of Construction Works II

COT 363

Construction Management II

COT 365

Computer Applications

COT 367

Building Services III


Course Code

Course Title

COT 352

Components and Finishes

COT 354

Theory and Design of Structures III

COT 356

Construction Estimating and Price Analysis

COT 358

Research Methods

COT 360

Construction Maintenance

COT 362

Measurement of Construction Works III

COT 364

Materials Management

COT 366

Civil Engineering Structures

GEO 362

Principles of Geo. Info. Systems (Elective)


Course Code

Course Title

COT 451

Metal Structure

COT 453

Theory and Design of Structures IIII

COT 455

Measurement of Construction Works 4

COT 457

Investment Appraisal and Development Economics

COT 459

Contract Administration and Professional Practice I

COT 461

Integrated Project


Course Code

Course Title

COT 452

Civil Engineering Quantities

COT 454

Entrepreneurship Management

COT 456

Contract Administration and Professional Practice 2

COT 458

Project Work



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