BSc. in Banking and Finance


The Bachelor of  Science in Banking and Finance programme under the department of Business Administration is designed to give students’ academic and technical skill in broad areas. The program includes cooperative programs with industry and other academic institutions to share their knowledge of Banking and Finance including new developments in technologies, current implementation status and prospects of the future expansion of Banking and Finance industrialization.

The aim of undergraduate program in Banking and Finance is for our students to develop the necessary knowledge and skills to become competent and honest Bankers, Financial Experts and Executives.

The course contents will enable the students acquire and understand knowledge relating to areas relevant to Banking and Finance in our institution. Again, the course will enable the students acquire general education, such as: Oral and Written Communication, English, Ethics and Computer knowledge. Furthermore, the degree incorporates the opportunity for students to apply their knowledge to practical situations. The program will facilitate the acquisition of essential skills, such as analysis, synthesis, problem solving, critical thinking and the ability to work in a team, among many others.

Candidates applying to the programme must meet the following entry requirements:

WASSCE I SSCE | GBCE:  – Applicants must have three (3) core subjects namely English Language, Core Mathematics and Integrated Science. A minimum of C6 / D plus any 3 elective subjects with a minimum of C6 / D.

GCE: Passes in any three (3) “A” level subjects. Also the applicant must have had credit passes in five (5) GCE ordinary level subjects including English Language, Mathematics and Science Subject (For Non-Science students and an Arts Subject (for Science Students).

ABCE: Passes in any three (3)  subjects (at least one of the passes should be grade D or better). Also, the applicant must have had credit passes in five (5) subjects including English, Mathematics and Integrated Science or Social Studies in the General Business 

HND: Holders of HND- will be placed at level 300

Diploma Holders: Holders of Diploma  will be placed at appropriate level based on the transcript.

Ghanaian Students
Programme Freshers GH¢ Continuing GH¢
Regular 2,800 2,800
Top-Up & Weekend 2,800 2,800
Foreign Students
Programme Freshers USD $ Continuing USD $
Regular 1,490 1,490


Course Code

Course Title

BBA 101

Business Environment in Ghana

KAF 111

Introduction to Sociology

KAF 105

Computer Applications in Business I

BBA 107

Business Mathematics

KAF 109

Communication Skills 

KAF 103

French I


Course Code

Course Title

KAF 106

Computer Applications in Business II

BBA 104

Introduction to Psychology

BBA 109

Introduction to Insurance

BBA 108

Business Statistics

KAF 110

Communication Skills II

KAF 104

French II


Course Code

Course Title

BBA 201

Financial Accounting I

BBA 203

Principles of Micro Economics

BBA 205

Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility

BBA 207

Quantitative Methods

BBA 209

Introduction to Human Resource Management

BBA 211

Critical Thinking & Logic


Course Code

Course Title

BBA 202

Financial Accounting II

BBA 204

Principles of Management

BBA 206

Principles of Marketing

BBA 210

Organizational Behaviour

BBA 214

Economy of Ghana

BBA 212

Operations Management


Course Code

Course Title

BBA 301

Business Law

KBF 301

Business Finance

BBA 305

Business Research Methods

KBF 311

Elements of Banking

BBA 308

Economy of Ghana

KBF 304

Information for Decision Making


Course Code

Course Title

BBA 302

Management Information Systems

BBA 304

Company Law

KBF 302

Investment and Portfolio Management

KBF 305

Financial Compliance and Regulations

KBF 308

Corporate Reporting

KBF 304

Monetary and Financial Systems


Course Code

                                                         Course Title

KBF  308

Law Relating to Banking

KMT 316

Marketing of Financial Services

BBA  403

Strategic Management and Business Policy

KBF  406

Retail Lending

KBF  402

Corporate Finance

BBA  401

Long Essay


Course Code

Course Title

KBF 406

Financial Risk Management

KBF 407


KBF 403

International Trade Finance

BBA 402

Long Essay/Project Work

KBF 404

Micro Finance

KBF 411

Bank Treasury Management



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