We always complain bitterly about the happenings in this school, if not management doing what we want, it will be school fees or cleaners not been able to carry out their responsibilities as it is intended to be. But have we ask ourselves what we can also do to make our stay here better and effective. In our quest of making here the academic hub and our home, we should recognise that it is a collective effort or we have a role to play as well as the management.

We always complain about the astronomical increase of school fees but there are certain things we are not doing right which has led to such an increment. For example, we go to class leaving the, AC, fan and other electronic gadgets on forgetting that this ineptitude attitude will surely compel the management to increase utility bills to meet the demands of the consumption rate. We all know it is the responsibility of the cleaners to ensure that our surroundings are clean and conducive but some students will deliberately litter the environment and lecture rooms expecting the cleaners to come and clear such mess because they have been paid to do so.

We have a role to play as students so let make sure we discharge our responsibilities or do our part before we rise to the majestic height to blame the management, SRC, various associations and the lecturers.

We are the stakeholders of this reputable institution and that means this institution lies on our discretion. Let be proud of this institution, sometimes some students talk as if KAAF is not a recognised institution but at the end of the day, we all can not go to UDS, GIMPA or KNUST for our tertiary certificate even though KAAF is affiliated to them. On a more serious note KAAF will award us our degree. Why can’t we be proud of this institution and make it a better place for others to join? I always say that KAAF is a home not because of the walls around it but the calibar of people inside.

Local PUSAG President
KAAF University College

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