Faculty of Health and Allied Sciences


KAAF University College shares in the believe of WHO (1948) that ‘Health is the state of complete physical social and mental well being and not merely the absence of diseases or infirmity. Health is the primary constitutional rights for all humanities despite their race believes and values and culture. Health therefore is the reason for all nursing actions. Nursing is interrelated with various health agencies that address the well-being of the individual, family and society at large. Nursing required modernism to meet the changing patterns of health care system within ethical and legal framework. Nursing helps in establishing maintaining and improving health care through practice education administration and knowledge development.

The purpose of nursing education is to bring about positive personality development and to enable the nurse obtain the requisite qualification to practice as a professional nurse. The unique training that the nurse receives places him or her in a situation as a counsellor, a leader, a resource person, a manager and care giver in the health care delivery system.

The Faculty of Health and Allied Sciences  runs the following programs:
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