Re-Opening/Arrival of ALL Continuing StudentsFri. 27th Aug. 2021
Registration of Continuing Regular and Top-Up Students without a fineMon. 30th Aug- Sat. 11th Sept. 2021
Lectures begin for Continuing Regular StudentsMon, 6th Sept. 2021
Re-sit ExaminationsTue., 31st Aug. - Sat, 11th Sept., 2021
Lectures begin for Top-Up Continuing StudentsFri, 3rd Sept., 2021
Registration and beginning of Lectures for Fresh Top-Up Students without a fineFri. 3rd Sept - Sat, 25th Sept., 2021
Late Registration with a FineMon. 13th - Sat, 18th Sept., 2021
Registration for continuing students endsSat. 18th September, 2021
Arrival of Fresh Regular StudentsFri, 17th Sept. 2021
Orientation/Medical (Fresh Students) / ID Card for all StudentsMon. 20th - Sat, 25th Sept, 2021
Lectures begin for Regular Fresh StudentsMon, 20th Sept. 2021
Registration for Fresh Regular Students EndFri, 8th Oct, 2021
Mid-Semester Assessment (Continuing Students) Mon, 18th Oct - Fri 22nd Oct, 2021
Mid-Semester Assessment (Top-Up) Fri, 22nd Oct - Sat, 2nd Nov., 2021
MODERATION OF QUESTIONSMon, 8th Nov, - Fri, 19th Nov., 2021
Mid-Semester Assessment for Fresh StudentsMon, 25th Oct - Sat, 30th Nov., 2021
Mid-Semester Assessment for Top Up StudentsFri, 29th Oct - Sat, 6th Nov., 2021
MATRICULATIONThursday, 11th November, 2021
10TH CONGREGATION Fri, 12th Nov, 2021
Lectures End for All StudentsFri, 26th Nov. 2021
Revision Week for All StudentsMon. 29th Nov., - Sat, 4th Dec., 2021
End of First Semester Exams for All StudentsMon, 6th Dec. - Wed, 22nd Dec., 2021
Christmas Break Thu. 23rd Dec. 2021 - Mon, 3rd Jan, 2022
Departmental Board MeetingWed, 5th January, 2022
Faculty Board MeetingFri, 7th Jan, 2022
Semester Break for All ProgrammesMon, 3rd Jan - Fri, 14th Jan, 2022
Academic Board MeetingWed, 12th January, 2022
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